The Story (Part I)

For some time Aaron Boone has been in therapy about his nightmares of a place called Midian. But that isn't the sum of his problems, when his psychatrist Dr. Decker tells him that certain gruesome murders Aaron has described in the past sessions are exact matches to actual murders. Boone is soon convinced that he indeed commited all these murders. Back on the streets and drugged up by Decker, Aaron is nearly killed by a truck and ends up in a hospital.

While Decker is doing his best to convince the police that Boone is the man they are looking for, Aaron meets Narcisse who not only knows about Midian but also its location. Narcisse thinks that Aaron was sent to him as a test and cuts away part of the skin on his head to show him his "real" face. The following tumult at the hospital allows Boone to take off.

Arriving at Midian Aaron discoveres a big graveyard with mausoleums. Worn out from the long drive he falls asleep and awakens during the night realising that he is not alone. Boone's first encounter with the Nightbreed doesn't go as well as he has hoped for. He is not only bitten by Peloquin but also finds out that he never killed anyone. Aaron flees out side the gates of the cemetary, where he runs into the police that was lead there by Decker.

In the next scene it becomes painfully obvious that Decker set up Aaron as the prime suspect. Finding out that Boone is no longer convinced of his guilt, Decker plays on the trigger happiness of the police force and has him shot. The case seems solved, Boone's girl-friend Lori comes in identifies the corpse and leaves a statement. But during the autopsy Aaron "re-vives" and takes off.

Part II

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